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April 2015 - Just in time for the National Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh, Road Runner Racing have been working on a new hire car for Javelin Trackdays. Using our ECU, the car features an MX5 NB engine (Mk 2.5) with closed loop VVT, closed loop knock control and Jenvey throttle bodies.


One of our jobs on the rolling road this month - a lovely Peugeot 205 hillclimb & sprint car. Fitted with Weber carburettors, we fitted our Injection ECU (running ignition only for now) with a programmable advance curve, rev limiters and several power runs.


March 2015 - Customer Frank Hall (organiser of Practical Performance Car magazine trackdays at Blyton Park) has upgraded his Mercedes 280e to full fuel injection with bike throttle bodies and our Canems ECU. Some videos & pictures below...


Lloyd Developments have been busy again this month. This conversion is a real success - a supercharged TVR Chimaera, producing 363bhp. Pictures and a video for you below:


February 2015 Gardner Douglas called us in to convert this LS7 powered T70 to full drive-by-wire using our sequential ECU. Full mapping session soon, but the main aim is to improve low speed running and warmup characteristics.


Road Runner Racing customer Terry has supercharged his SR2. View his website here. Now running easily over 200bhp with his plug and play Canems ECU kit, this makes for a rapid kit car!


January 2015 Tim Adams Racing Engines supplied this tuned LS3 motor, running an easy 600+bhp. Using our sequential ECU, this was subsequently dropped into a Peugeot 205 shell! Final setup by Lloyd Developments.


This MNR Vortx came in for a Jenvey ITB conversion. Using our plug and play ECU we had some good gains, around 25bhp up on the MX5 NA engine.


With Road Runner Racing we've developed a full plug and play ECU to suit the '01-'05 Mazda MX-5. This runs all the factory sensors, retains full closed loop VVT and knock control and eliminates the troublesome factory immobiliser. Even controls the alternator charge. A simple plug in unit that does it all.


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Canems Engine Management Solutions

Canems programmable engine management units are designed with three targets in mind; performance, reliability and ease of use. Over the past few years we have built an enviable reputation for achieving these aims, along with after sales support and guidance which is invaluable with systems of this kind.

With the Canems ECU fitted to your car, you can specify fuel quantities and ignition timing throughout the speed and load range of your engine. Sophisticated control software allows a host of other desirable features such as rev limiting, closed loop idle control, closed loop lambda control (with wideband AFR logging capabilities) and 3D boost control. Canems ECUs are available to suit all four, six and eight cylinder engines, irrespective of age. Our systems have controlled vehicles from 1950's classics to modern race and rally machines.

PC tuning software is hugely important with programmable management systems, and our software is amongst the most intuitive on the market. Our control software is rapidly finding favour amongst leading rolling road tuners due to ease of use and functionality. Unlike other systems, our ECUs are always supplied with all the software and connections you'll need to monitor and modify the parameters of your engine.

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