Our ECUs are designed for controlling customised and / or aftermarket fuel injection and ignition systems. If you are fitting a modern engine into a kit car or modifying an engine our ECUs are invaluable.

We currently offer two ECU solutions. The ignition-only ECU provides programmable wasted spark ignition at low cost for all four cylinder engines. This makes it ideal for XE or Zetec engines. Our injection ECU will run any four, six or eight cylinder engine with semi-sequential injection and mappable ignition timing.

Injection ECU Features

Fuel injection control for up to 8 cylinders
Wasted spark ignition for up to 8 cylinders
Distributor ignition for up to 8 cylinders
Built-in coil ignitors (no need for external ignition amplifiers)
Two 3D ignition timing maps with 252 programmable sites
Two 3D fuel injection maps with 252 programmable sites
Fuel / spark map switching at run time
12000+ RPM capability
User programmable fuel cut, plus hard and soft rev limiting
All settings real-time programmable
Semi-sequential injection control (four cylinders)
3D injection advance map with 252 sites
Tested and developed with siamese-port multi point injection
Support for one, two or three Bar MAP sensors
MAP or TPS based load sensors
Programmable speed and load sites
Programmable transient enrichments & RPM correction
Staged injector control
Built-in main relay control
Adjustable coil dwell control
Voltage sensing with programmable dwell correction / injector opening time map
Coolant temperature input with programmable correction map
Air temperature input with programmable correction map
Programmable cranking characteristics with temperature correction
Two lambda sensor inputs for narrow band or wideband control
Closed loop lambda control - programmable feedback rates / authority / enabling conditions
Adjustable target air fuel ratio with wideband lambda feedback
3D target air fuel ratio map with 252 sites
Closed loop idle control with programmable feedback rates / authority / enabling conditions
PWM valve and / or spark scatter idle control
Programmable fuel compensation map for idle valve
Temperature controlled outputs with programmable on / off temperatures
Programmable RPM-based output (VTEC etc.)
3D PWM output with 252 programmable sites (turbo boost control etc.)
Interpolation on all maps
Inbuilt diagnostics LED
Diagnostic recording of min / max inputs and outputs
Data logging of up to 24 optional parameters
Adjustable recording rate for data logger
RPM input from either VR or Hall effect sensors with 36-1, 60-2 or Renix toothed wheels
Tuning software, PC connection cable and loom plug/pins included

Example Software Screenshots

Default tuning screen

Fuel mapping

Closed loop idle strategies


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