Peugeot 205 GTI

Canems customer Richard Doran kindly sent some photos of his Peugeot 205 GTI, which is in fantastic condition. His aim is to use the car for fast road and track day work, so he was looking for increased performance over the original Bosch Motronic injection system. Our ECUs have been used on a number of 205's with great results.

A decision was made to completely remove the Bosch management system, instead using bike carbs and a custom manifold for fueling, and a Canems Ignition ECU. Our ECUs will interface directly with the Peugeot 60-2 trigger wheel, and use the standard crank sensor. This makes the upgrade a very straightforward job.

Bosch injection system and loom removed....

A custom alloy inlet manifold was fabricated, and a distributorless coil pack mounted in the same location as the original distributor:

Canems ECU is mounted under the dashboard for easy access to the laptop:

The finished engine bay - an extremely neat job that gives more power than the original system, whilst being simpler and easier to maintain in the long term.

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