Singer Chamois Coupe

Here's a fun project - the Singer Chamois (Hillman Imp derivative) has a Coventry-Climax derived OHC engine, this one enlarged from standard 875cc to 1040cc with forged pistons, wet liners, wills rings and a fully worked cylinder head.. Despite the small size, the high-revving nature of these engines mean that they pack a relatively powerful punch.

To improve reliability and performance, the car was converted to fuel injection with a Canems ECU. Custom inlet and exhaust manifolds enabled the fitment of Suzuki GSXR600 throttle bodies, with distributorless ignition.

With modified cylinder head and uprated cam, this Imp revs to around 8000 RPM with no problem, so it was an ideal candidate for the Canems Injection ECU. To add a some extra power, a Rotrex C15-60 supercharger was also fitted at a later date...

To make room for the Rotrex supercharger, the water pump has been replaced by a Davies Craig water pump with digital temperature control. Intake air temperatures are minimised through a custom intercooler arrangement. The Canems ECU controls Kenlowe fans on the front mounted radiator and the intercooler; automatically switching when temperatures dictate.

From the intercooler the air is piped to a custom alloy plenum. Boost pressure is monitored by 2-Bar MAP sensor. The C15-60 Rotrex is making 8 PSI on this engine. Turbosmart blow off valve prevents unecessary strain being placed on the plenum in closed-throttle situations..

If you're feeling inspired to build a Rotrex powered Imp, we had a batch of CAD brackets manufactured (pictured below with tensioner and idler pulleys). These are now available via the online shop, or contact us. If you're looking for someone to do the work, contact Imp specialist Stuart Brownsey at Rodwell Motorsport ( - he's already well on with a similar project.

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