Mini Moke

Many thanks to Alan Margison from Canada for sending these photos of his Mini Moke project. You can find much more detail at Alans web site:

Alan has fitted his car with a 1380cc engine with upgraded camshaft and cylinder head. Interested in fuel injection, he therefore turned to the Canems system and our unique software. The car is now fitted with Jenvey 42mm DCOE - style throttle body and 650cc/min injectors. Despite these large injectors (required to produce good power at the top end), idle quality is still good thanks to the injection phasing software in the Canems ECU.

This Moke is now pushing out over 100bhp, which makes for a very fast car indeed - given the lack of weight!

Custom alloy intake system has been fabricated from scratch.

The optional programmable outputs on the Canems ECU are being used to thermostatically control a cooling fan on the radiator. Alan is also using wideband lambda sensors from Innovate to perfect the fuel distribution in the five port cylinder head.

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