A plug-in ECU with some specific features not found with other programmable systems. Extended warmup tables and additional settings to suit air cooled engines (where appropriate). Dual pickup crank sensor hardware to use original speed and reference sensors. Unique ultra high current PWM injector drivers to suit banked, low-Z fuel systems.

Proven in competition around Europe in the Historic Touring Car Championship, this system has multiple podium places to it's credit.

For the 911 we offer a direct replacement ECU (fully mapped and ready to plug in and drive). Also various hardware tuning kits (some shown above) with dyno-developed mapping to improve performance and reliability.

> Designed and manufactured in the UK
> Support for most 1XX+1 crank trigger inputs
> High-Z and Low-Z injector support
> Throttle switch support in mapping
> Race proven
> On board SD data logging
> Switchable fuel & spark maps ideal for boosted engines
> Lambda input with programmable 3D AFR targets
> Closed loop O2 strategies
> Idle control strategies
> Programmable limiters
> Programmable outputs (tacho/shift lamp etc.)
> 3 x Inbuilt ignitors for direct coil drive
> Logic level ignition outputs for COP upgrades etc.
> Diagnostic features built in
> Recommended by engine builders

£1,950.00  ex. VAT (GBP)

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