Sequential Injection ECU

We originally designed this unit as a natural successor to our 35-pin Motronic ECU; it's a plug and play swap for the 55-pin Bosch systems that were used an a huge variety of late '80s and early '90s classics. We have firmware available to run the E30 and Porsche 964 among others...

More commonly this ECU is used to run the LS range of engines. This was the first programmable unit manufactured in the UK to offer a drive by wire solution and it's since been proven at the highest levels of competition worldwide. Our emissions control has consistently outperformed the GM run kits when it comes to IVA/MOT and we've aimed to make it as simple as possible to get your engine up and running. Despite this, we also support complex installations with a library of CAN networks and gearbox control solutions.

> Designed and manufactured in the UK
> All the best functionality from our Injection ECU plus...
> Eight fuel and spark drivers for true sequential operation
> Drive by wire control
> Stepper motor control for cable/IACV installs
> Twin O2 feedback for V8 emission control
> Twin knock feedback with windowing, frequency and dynamic gain control
> Race proven flat shift and throttle blipping
> CAN I/O with dash & logging support for popular models
> Switchable maps with optional emissions support and throttle response curves
> Road speed and pressure inputs
> Dedicated control for T56 gearbox lockouts
> Dynamic & programmable EPAS control
> Idle-up inputs for aircon/auto etc
> Immobiliser/fob coding for ultimate security
> Recommended by engine builders

Starting at: £800.00  ex. VAT (GBP)

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