January 2012 - Lloyd Specialist Developments are renowned for their quality of workmanship and knowledge with aftermarket engine management. Have a look at their new videos here - featuring Canems ECUs of course.


December 2011 - Coming up in Practical Performance Car magazine. This mega-power Fiat Cinquecento is running a Canems ECU with a blown Zetec engine. Built for the drag strip, expect some fast times in 2012!


November 2011 - Keep an eye out in Practical Performance Car magazine. Mark Hammersley is converting to a Canems ECU on his Cosworth 2.9 engined Ford Capri. More details on the AA Silencers website.


November 2011 - This Ford Duratec engined Vauxhall Chevette is designed for a hard life in forest rallying. Running Suzuki GSXR throttle bodies. Initial fuel surge problems all resolved after a manic day fitting an in-tank fuel pump!


October 2011 - JBA Motors' are back with a new version of their fantastic Falcon. Running Canems engine management mated to a BMW 318is 16V engine this will make a great package. Fully IVA emissions compliant of course.


September 2011 - Nice to pay a visit back to MiniSport HQ in Padiham. Their project Mini, Bogus 2 came back in for a mapping session and we tweaked another 7bhp from the MiniSport 7 port head and Jenvey throttle bodies.


September 2011 - It's been a long time coming, but worth the wait! We've fitted another few Porsche Carrera 3.2 systems recently with great results. Keep an eye on the online shop as they'll be available soon!.


August 2011 - Working with RoadRunner Racing, we've developed new fully sequential injection firmware for the early Mazda MX5/Miata engines. This test engine made around 250bhp whilst still passing the IVA emissions test!


July 2011 - Have a look at this blog, from one of our customers - a lovely conversion to X30XE Vauxhall power in a Reliant Scimitar. The Canems ECU will interface to most Bosch management systems very easily.


June 2011 - Race enthusiast John Hammersley is using a Canems ECU with his fully prepared Vauxhall Astra. Already with wins under the belt! Mapped by Aldon Automotive, near Birmingham with excellent results.


May 2011 - Have a look at this blog, from VW specialist Jim Merrin. A full EFI conversion using genuine VW components and a Canems ECU, mapped by Slark Race Engineering.


April 2011 - Have a look at this web page, belonging to Spanish Mini fan Miguel Cruchaga. Miguel has converted his 850cc Mini to multi point fuel injection using the Canems Injection ECU. The car was mapped by Atspeed Racing with excellent results.


February 2011 - Coming very soon, a new range of plug-and-play Porsche ECUs. Developed in conjunction with Power Marques Porsche, these systems are set to revolutionise 911 tuning. Contact us for the very latest information and specifications.


January 2011 - Working with 519 Automotive, we've developed software to run the Renault 5 / Clio 44-2-2 Renix trigger wheel. No more flywheel and clutch swaps needed! Bolt on your throttle bodies and go with the Canems ECU.


October 2010 - Look out for an article on the Vauxhall XE V6 engines, coming soon in Practical Performance Car magazine. This is an engine we've come to love over the last few years, and the Canems ECU is a perfect partner.


October 2010 - Also coming soon in Practical Performance Car magazine - Canems customer Peter Garforth runs his Skoda Estelle as a hillclimb and sprint car, using our unique software. The car will feature in an 'At The Clinic' article in an upcoming issue.


September 2010 - We've developed software for the original MX5 engine, which is undergoing final testing. Look out for some excellent bolt-on supercharger and turbo conversion kits, available soon from Roadrunner Racing. These are designed to complement their fantastic CAD-built kit cars...


September 2010 - Unveiling of MiniWorld project car 'Bogus 2' at Stanford Hall National Mini Show. Built by MiniSport of Padiham, we were responsible for the engine management, using our injection ECU. Look out for a complete Canems package coming from MiniSport soon...


August 2010 - Congratulations to John Savage and Paul Rhodes. First in class at the Centenary Stages Rally in their Canems powered 5-port Mini Clubman. YouTube footage from the following car (1.6 16V Saxo) is available below - starts about 2 minutes in...

Mid 2010 - Canems project car featured in Retro Ford magazine. The XE V6 engine in 2.5 or 3.0 litre form is a cracking engine that will convert to our ECU very easily with stock sensors....


Mid 2010 - Keep a look out in MiniWorld magazine for an upcoming step-by-step article on fuel injection. AtSpeed racing in Essex converted their 998cc Mini to bike throttle bodies with our injection ECU and picked up nearly 10% more power.

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