Case Studies

Will the system give you what you want? What sort of problems might you encounter? Have a look at some of our case studies to give you an idea.

>> Mini Moke (Jenvey throttle bodies)

>> Peugeot 205 GTI (bike carbs & distributorless ignition)

>> Capri V6 conversion (3.0 X30XE)

>> 1380 Race Mini - Fuel injected

>> Triumph TR6 (with LPG conversion)

>> Vauxhall Astra (2.0 XE)

>> Mini (throttle bodies)

>> 998 Mini (MPI conversion)

>> Singer Chamois - Throttle bodies & Rotrex supercharger

>> 1380 Race Mini

>> Triumph Herald 1360

>> JBA Falcon Kit Car (Ford Pinto engine)

Injection kit
Our manual is designed to explain all in an easy-to-follow walkthrough which also demonstrates the features of our ECU.

>> Download the manual

Ignition only kit
Designed to get the best from your existing carburetted setup, our Ignition only kit provides programmable wasted spark ignition on a budget.

>> Download the manual

DRH Performance Motronic ML1.X plug and play ECU
The ultimate easy-to-fit programmable ECU for your '80s classic

>> Download the manual

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